So new blog…

My name is Michael Wheldon, and I am a writer. I have previously worked on another writing blog. Yet this is the first “professional” blog so to speak. It is also the first since beginning my journey to become a professional writer. Or rather, making the journey from shit writer to slight less shit writer. While my previous writing blog was a place to post written work, this one is a reflection on what I have learned.

This new blog will contain reviews and analysis on all forms of media. This includes books, films, comics, TV shows and animation of all kinds. Besides this I will also post tutorials and advice on writing. These will focus on advice for books, films and comics though if I see sources relating to other mediums, I will comment on them. I hope that these little titbits will prove useful to any aspiring writers out there. I have learned a lot since starting my writing journey and have more sources to offer. For the duration that I make this blog, I will no make posts relating to the books on writing that I have read. Hell, I might even review them!

I plan to update on either a weekly or a bi-weekly basis depending on how things go. With that I bid you both farewell and welcome. I will see you with new content soon enough.