Hiatus from Blog Activity

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about the long term future of this blog. To be perfectly honest I read through my reviews and I can’t help but think that I could improve on the quality somehow. Every time I read through my posts I feel that there is something missing, especially now that I want to make the transition from a hobby writer to a professional writer.

As a consequence I’ve chosen to take a hiatus while I figure things out and what I want to do with my time spent blogging in the future. I like to think that I will keep doing this blog in some capacity but I can’t say for sure. I can’t say how long this hiatus will be but I will update you all regardless of what the outcome is. I thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time.


No post this week.

I’m busy with university work for my Master’s Degree. Due to disorganisation on the part of the establishment this assessment has been unusually stressful. As a result I am having difficulty focusing on the blog. I intend to complete the first draft of the assessment by the middle of next week so I should be able to make a post. I usually don’t post about delays (usually because they stem from me forgetting) but since this is a planned delay I figured I would notify you all. Everything should be back to normal next week so thanks for understanding.

Update on Novel

I should update you on the novel I started writing at the beginning of July. My goal of creating a first draft as an unofficial Camp Nanowrimo) (or National Novel Writing Month) challenge was a success, much to my surprise. Though I would hesitate to call the novel finished, I have completed the first draft and have met my 50,000 word target. Since it is stillĀ  far from being a finished product I will not post too many details yet but rest assured I will be editing it very thoroughly over the coming months. I also have a few ideas for projects relating to the current one which I may also pursue depending on how things proceed.

I prefer to keep things quiet, particularly at this early stage of development, so I haven’t posted the novel on the official Nanowrimo site nor have I posted it anywhere else. It is likely to remain that way until the novel gets a publisher or when I begin to approach a final draft so please respect what will likely be months of silence on the project. For now I will continue updating the blog on a weekly basis since I want to give myself time to pursue these new creative avenues.

Change in Update Schedule

This is a quick post to notify you all of some changes. As of today this blog will update weekly, as opposed to every three days. There are a multitude of reasons for this, including the fact that I review books faster than I can finish them. However the main reason for this, is that I plan to do my own personal Camp Nanowrimo (or National Novel Writing Month) challenge this July, starting this Friday.

Hence I will be cutting down to ensure that I can make the challenge, but it is likely that the change will be permanent. I am unsure what day I will be posting but it will likely be either a Thursday or Friday, starting this week. Whatever day I choose, I will probably stick with until further notice. Hopefully this will make writing this blog seem less like a chore to me and will allow me to put more time into picking out books for review.

So new blog…

My name is Michael Wheldon, and I am a writer. I have previously worked on another writing blog. Yet this is the first “professional” blog so to speak. It is also the first since beginning my journey to become a professional writer. Or rather, making the journey from shit writer to slight less shit writer. While my previous writing blog was a place to post written work, this one is a reflection on what I have learned.

This new blog will contain reviews and analysis on all forms of media. This includes books, films, comics, TV shows and animation of all kinds. Besides this I will also post tutorials and advice on writing. These will focus on advice for books, films and comics though if I see sources relating to other mediums, I will comment on them. I hope that these little titbits will prove useful to any aspiring writers out there. I have learned a lot since starting my writing journey and have more sources to offer. For the duration that I make this blog, I will no make posts relating to the books on writing that I have read. Hell, I might even review them!

I plan to update on either a weekly or a bi-weekly basis depending on how things go. With that I bid you both farewell and welcome. I will see you with new content soon enough.